Cottonwood Heights Zombie Ride

On June 5th, Monday afternoon, community members from Cottonwood Heights gathered around in creative zombie outfits and enjoyed music, food and bikes. This was an event put together by Cottonwood Heights and was held at their new city hall. Vendors were there promoting their businesses and the School of Rock put on a live show for everyone in attendance.


Utah Department of Transportation and Utah Department of Public Safety attended and had a booth for Road Respect where they handed out the “law cards,” which explain the laws for motorists and cyclists to interact safer around each other. There was also a bean bag toss and prizes such as reflective slap-on bracelets, bright neon t-shirts and water bottles.


The event ended with a wonderful bike ride, which began with a brief announcement about the rules of the road as a cyclist. There were all ages on bikes, including a family with a carriage and kids on strider bikes. We had three Road Respect ambassadors join the bike ride interacting with the community members. This was a great event to get everyone out on bikes and experience the joy that biking can bring.